dream hunter

You wonder if you should take a step to the unknown. She leaped. You wonder if you knew how. She taught you. You wonder if you could. She did. A friend who's always there. A source of inspiration and admiration. Courageous, beautiful and full of amazing thoughts. She's someone so annoyingly perfect you'd want to hate her. But you can't help but love her. by iiris

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

good byes, redundancy, a long holiday and some philosophy

The past few weeks have been a manic hurdle and in between it all I realised I had used a crashed laptop and what ever else as an excuse not to write about my race in Paris, my move, that drink, that training, quitting my job, having coffee, finding a good restaurant, packing and unpacking, and the running test and brake wires snapping on my way to town, that meal I cooked or the buns that turned rock hard, my long holiday and the novelty of floating around aimlessly.

I have been too busy to living and enjoying life to sit down and write about it.  And hence, this blog has been made redundant.

When I started typing my little messages, 274 entries ago, I enjoyed what I was doing. Writing was a pleasure – a permission to take a break from study and work. Now, it has become a laborious task. Despite sounding harsh, the truth is that beyond grandkids nobody will really remember, know or care about our lives and us. (Except if you find the cure and prevention for cancer, HIV/AIDS and paedophilia,  which would then ensure that generations to come would have to learn your name) Hence, why waste time doing something that you no longer enjoy? I can’t see any reason to do so and hence I wont.

So this now is goodbye.

By the way, I caught  a few…dreams that is.

Somebody once told me that she felt like she was going through the motions of life without really living. And to my horror, I knew what she meant by that.

So, if anybody asks where I am…you can tell them I’ve gone hunting…