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Monday, January 26, 2009


For Christmas I received a gift card for a deep tissue massage. I had been, as I often do, complaining that my muscles feel stiff and tired (I hate stretching and I suffer as a result) and hence a friend of mine decided to offer me a well needed and apparently deserved treat.

I finally managed to book an appointment for last Saturday. And surprisingly, spent the most of the week looking forward to it.

I had, the very same morning been to training – running with the running club, my usual Saturday morning date – and hence the idea of a massage was increasingly appealing.

I arrived to the place in good time. My coat and shoes were taken from me and I was seated into a comfortable “chair” with a class of water. There was a quiet music playing in the background and mildly scented candles.
So peaceful.

So Zen.
The massage then…

Everything was tailored to my needs. The masseuse carefully attacked every knot and hard bit in my back, my legs and tights. Working slowly and thoroughly she relaxed the parts of my body that had turned into rock long time ago.

It was painful. So very painful.

Over. I lied for a while on my stomach powerless.

After getting up and having dressed I was directed the deep, welcoming sofas and offered a cup of green tea.

I left the place feeling completely drained. By the time I reached home I was exhausted. But relaxed.So that stretching? I suppose I should try that one out to maintain the divine feeling until my next treat. When ever that will be.


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