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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

when fun is free

My job is hardly exciting. I mean it is interesting and I certainly stay up to date on current world events, but exciting would still not be the word I would use to describe my daily tasks. Especially as the current crisis is turning into something possibly worse than the Great Depression I would even dare to argue that my job is sometimes rather monotonous. Numbers, even inflation keep going down and down and down.

Surely they should have hit the bottom by now?

Well they haven’t and hence I have had to develop alternative methods to keep myself amused in the office.

My latest one is sport terminology. I pick one country and one sport and turn the economy of that country into that sport. Formula 1 is a good one. A good sport that is, and so is football. Then in my analysis I make sure is describe economic events as if they were a game.

It is quite challenging.

Sometimes I run out of games. Well there are lots of games to choose from but I can hardly justify using time in the office on learning the rules and terms of a sport I don’t know.

Then I use saying. I pick a saying I want to use and make sure it fits the analysis.

Today’s one was “stuck between the rock and a hard place”.

I have sometimes pondered if the people reading my articles ever notice my little game and if they do, what they think.

I wonder.

At any rate, when one currency claims its nth pole position I rally.

But I am overly concerned whether the central bank will be able to parry the investors’ attack.
Maybe tomorrow is golf’s turn.


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Must say that's how i get through a fair few of these days! It's all about picking a phrase you really want to get in there and just whacking it in and hoping no one notices. I think i managed to get "get out of dodge" in a bond strat today... :p


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