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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


My ipod has now for months been showing signs that it is time for it to retire. I can hardly remember the times when I could take it with me in the morning, put it away while at work and still listen to my favourite tunes on my way home.

In addition to the dead battery my most recent earphones broke. Someone had left them lying on the floor and this made me step on them, which they obviously could not deal with but the cut them in half. Nothing a bit of sticky tape would not fix but rather annoying nevertheless.

I have been eying a replacement shuffle for some time but only yesterday I managed to take this decisive step, go into the shop, pick up a packet holding my new company, walk to the till and pay for it. Funnily enough, this major purchase did not send me to a personal bankruptcy. Far from it. The snip was not much more notable than that of a take away coffee (City prices).

Last night I then had to fill up my newly acquired toy with music. This should not be a difficult task considering that I have well over 11,000 tunes on my laptop, ranging from rave to reggae and hiphop to pop, not to mention all the golden oldies.

But there was nothing. After a long selection process I have carefully picked up four and put them on the ipod. The several minutes they could possibly fill with music would not be much of a run and hence I had to find another solution.

My flatmateā€™s laptop.

I waited until she finally made her way home and asked to borrow her precious, even if rather temperamental holder of sacred information.

Finally, after hours of pottering, which all took me way past any reasonable time to go for a run I had finally managed to pick out the songs I could possibly imagine listening in the coming weeks. Or days. Or at least hours.

But a good purchase nevertheless.


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