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You wonder if you should take a step to the unknown. She leaped. You wonder if you knew how. She taught you. You wonder if you could. She did. A friend who's always there. A source of inspiration and admiration. Courageous, beautiful and full of amazing thoughts. She's someone so annoyingly perfect you'd want to hate her. But you can't help but love her. by iiris

Monday, February 23, 2009

east end

Last night we were walking back home from the cinema, talking about the film and the feelings it had created in us.

Passing through a quiet street I thought I heard a knock.

We stopped to listen.

Knock knock.

It was coming from inside. Behind a closed door.


More knocking. We tried to push the door open but it did not move. A hand came through the letterbox.

My flatmate peeked through the little hole on the door, where the hand was sticking out and a female voice asked her to help.

“Open the door, please”

Pushing was no use so she requested the trapped lady to move away from the door.

A hard kick and the door swung open.

The trapped knocker was sitting on the corridor floor undoubtedly grateful for our help.

We wished her good night and continued our journey home.

“Must say I have never kicked a door in before.”

First time for everything. I guess.


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